13th-14th March Jordan, Amman!

Deposit required!

– I love talking. If we can talk and know each other more I will enjoy from session more.

– I want my servant passionate, make me feel like a real queen.

-I hate texting. I only give short answers.

-Do not Bargain

Be respectful, do not ask personal questions

or ask me to do stupid stuff.

Do not touch me without my permission

I love laughing and I am a quite funny

person. Get this vibe.

– Aware that I have limited time with you.

-Do not insist on anything, no means no.

Won’t change

-l love whatever I do in my sessions, do not

ask for a list what I like to do.

-Do not ask for a list that what I provide. Write

your own interests and I will let you now if it’s


-Be on time

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